Global Payments Integrated

RESERVEC has partnered with Global Payments Integrated to offer you a secure and efficient integrated payment processing solution for your business

Global Payments Integrated helps your business succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions. Global Payments Integrated is driving innovation in RESERVEC – adapting, scaling and simplifying how payments are processed.

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EdgeShield is an advanced, proprietary security bundle designed to combat most fraud scenarios and protect your business. EdgeShield leverages encryption, tokenization, EMV, and PCI ASSURE® enabling you to accept payments on one of the industry's most secure platforms.

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Transparent Payment Experience

The consumer never leaves your website to book a reservation, as Global Payments Integrated hosted payment form technology is fully embedded in the RESERVEC application.

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Bundled Pricing

Operators pay a fixed % per reservation (includes the credit card processing fees) via a single statement from Global Payments Integrated. This fixed % will be passed to the consumer at the time of checkout.

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