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Carestream Dental and Global Payments Integrated have partnered to bring you a flexible, easy-to-use payroll solution: Heartland Payroll+. This secure, online platform integrates your workforce management activities, including payroll, hiring, time tracking and HR. Our specialized pricing starts with a nominal base fee plus a per employee/per pay run for as low as $3.00 per employee. Get started today and take advantage of 6 free months of Heartland Hire.*

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People and pay the easy way

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More value, less headaches:

  • Eliminate errors by automating manual processes
  • Make better business decisions with real-time data
  • Knock out tasks on the fly from your phone, laptop or tablet
Ace every stage of employee management

Get out of the back office and back to the things you love with a suite of integrated services.

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Heartland Payroll

Paid, filed, free to grow

Put your payroll on autopilot with cloud-based payroll processing and tax management backed by VIP support.

  • Spend less time calculating wages
  • Set pay schedules that work for you
  • Trade guesswork for full-service tax management
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Heartland Hire

Find and onboard great employees — fast

Streamline how you recruit and hire top talent while also identifying new employees who might be eligible for tax credits.

  • Create a job post in 60 seconds
  • Electronically onboard new hires
  • Give your budget a break with WOTC
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Heartland Time

Track, schedule and protect your profits

Make smarter labor decisions in real time with automated time tracking and scheduling tools you and your team can trust.

  • Build smarter schedules, faster
  • Prevent time theft with continuous tracking
  • Respond to time off requests in one click
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Heartland HR

Sign up for hassle-free human resources

Leverage a free library of templates and tools paired with expert HR advice to meet legal requirements and avoid hefty fines.

  • Rely on a single resource hub for HR materials
  • Receive an annual labor law poster
  • Get on demand, one-on-one HR support
“The customer service is the best I have seen from a payroll company.”

- Krista S. Executive Assistant, Wise Villa Winery

Discover more ways to make workforce management a breeze

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Employee access

Let employees view their pay stubs, 1099s or W-2s and update personal data with the self-service Heartland Payroll+ App.

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Custom reporting

Generate prebuilt, real-time reports for payroll history, bank transactions, contractor payments, PTO and tax payments.

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Time and attendance

Continuously track employees, oversee shifts, manage time off requests and forecast overtime expenses from one dashboard.

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Applicant tracking and onboarding

View job postings, applications and interviews in one convenient spot, and complete new hire onboarding electronically.

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Tax, compliance and payments

Outsource payroll tax management, including calculations, filing and automatic payments to federal, state and local agencies.

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Painless integrations

Smoothly exchange information with partners to manage 401(k), oversee workers’ comp, update your general ledger and more.

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