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Secure & Reliable Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated credit card processing is now available within your Mitchell1 software solution! With this embedded feature, you can process credit card payments right from your payment screen.

This software greatly reduces the manual routine paperwork so your employees will be able to work more efficiently and effectively. By using a single integrated system, you will also reduce your costs of accepting electronic payments! Partial payments are now supported through your Mitchell1 software solution.

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One-Step Payment Processing

Dealerships are able to process all of their credit/debit card transactions directly within Mitchell1. This seamless integration completely eliminates the need to manually reconcile and post payments between your credit card processor and Mitchell1

EdgeShield® Security Solutions

An advanced, proprietary bundle designed to combat most fraud scenarios and protect your business. Combining encryption, tokenization, PCI and EMV®, EdgeShield means you're accepting payments on one of the industry's most secure platforms.

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Global Payments Integrated pricing experts have analyzed thousands of merchant accounts! The analysis will provide you with everything you need to know about your rates and how Global Payments Integrated can save you money.