SuccessWare has Partnered With Global Payments Integrated to Offer You a Secure and Efficient Integrated Payment Processing Solution for Your Business!

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Global Payments Integrated has the Most Exceptional Features Available for Credit Card Processing within your SuccessWare Software:

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Integrated Payment Processing

Process Credit Card and ACH payments directly from SuccessWare21, eliminating unnecessary double entry of credit card data.

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Mobile Payment Processing

Process credit card payments in the field via the new Successware Mobile solution, which is integrated with Successware21. Global Payments Integrated also has a non-integrated option called OpenEdge Mobile app.

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Cardholder data is replaced with a digital token allowing you to bill "card on account" while you store NO customer credit card numbers.

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Improved Workflows

Streamlined, guided workflows for processing declines, refunds and voids directly within SuccessWare 21.

Decline Minimizer icon

Decline Minimizer

On a nightly basis, Global Payments Integrated will automatically update lost, stolen or expired cards stored in their data vault to ensure that you receive more approvals for your recurring payments.

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Pre-authorizations can be captured to ensure the customer will be able to pay the bill when the work is done.

Scheduled Recurring Payments icon

Scheduled Recurring Payments

Set up your agreements with recurring credit card payments and they will be processed offline by Global Payments Integrated. With a single click, you’ll import the payments which are automatically matched to the recurring invoices. A HUGE time savings!

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Faster Reconciliation

Import your batch statements daily to undeposited funds, making reconciliation of your credit card payments in a breeze.