Secure, Fast and Efficient Integrated Payment Processing for SingleOps Software

Global Payments Integrated is able to offer one place for everything you need:

  • Quality merchant account services
  • Superior payment processing technology
  • Quick consolidated deposit and single statement for all card brands
  • Unparalleled technical and administrative support

From set-up through on-going operation and troubleshooting – we simplify the process of accepting credit card payments by offering you an integrated solution that helps your business operate more efficiently!

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One-Step Payment Processing

All transactions are fully integrated within your SingleOps software, eliminating double entry, human errors and time consuming reconciliations.

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Card on File

Credit card information entered into SingleOps is stored in our Global Payments Integrated Vault. Through a secure process called Tokenization, your PCI Compliance steps and costs are greatly reduced.

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Card Updater

On a nightly basis, Global Payments Integrated will automatically update lost, stolen or expired cards stored in our data vault to ensure that you receive more approvals for your recurring payments.

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Full-Featured Card-Present Support Including EMV/NFC

Accept EMV®/chip cards directly within your SingleOps software as well as NFC transactions for Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™.

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