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ShipRite has partnered with Global Payments Integrated

Your customers expect more today than ever before. That’s why Global Payments Integrated and ShipRite have teamed up to bring you our semi-integrated family of payment solutions. By integrating processing, payment acceptance and customer experience into one secure, cloud-based platform, your business can offer a world-class checkout experience.

Accept any payment type

Credit, debit, chip cards, gift cards, mobile payments, HSA and FSA cards

Enhance security

Fully encrypts and tokenizes cardholder data and keeps it off the POS and your systems

Implement effortlessly

Automatic cloud updates ensure you have the latest features and functionality with no downtime

Receive ongoing value

Ready on day one with a rich set of features like customer surveys, advertising and loyalty programs

Countertop Device


This solution brings speed and enhanced customer engagement to the checkout experience.

Faster checkout: Chip-card transactions happen in seconds, making checkout quick and easy.

Enhanced engagement: Easily engage your customers with offers, rewards, on-screen ads and surveys.

Handheld Solution

This all-in-one mobile POS payment device brings the checkout to your customers – anywhere in your business.

Evolved customer experience: Customers can check out in line, at the counter or out on the sidewalk.

Smaller footprint: Reduce checkout space requirements with this small, handheld device.

Handheld Device
Mobile Device

Mobile Solution

This one, small device accepts any payment type from anywhere to truly bring you closer to your customers.

Flexible: Take your business wherever your customers are – in line, at a food truck, in their home and more.

Versatile: Android or iOS-compatible, POS compatible, Wi-Fi and cellular options, Bluetooth® or audio jack choices.