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PayDC and Global Payments Integrated offer the most secure practice management payments solution available – at no additional cost. Seamlessly integrated into PayDC, this payments solution eliminates manual reconciliations and reduces human error.

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Global Payments Integrated has exceptional features available for credit card processing

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Ingenico® card readers are available through Global Payments Integrated and integrated into PayDC. They support EMV chip cards, Electronic Signature Capture, and NFC/contactless transactions for digital wallets.

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Decline Minimizer

Global Payments Integrated automatically updates expired, lost and stolen credit cards that are stored on file in the data vault. Decline Minimizer removes the expensive, time-consuming task of tracking down outdated payment information, ensuring card-on-file transactions process successfully for wellness plans, payment plans and one-time future transactions.

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Enhanced Security with EdgeShield®

A proprietary bundle of complementary, EMV-ready security solutions designed to combat most fraud scenarios and protect your business. Combining encryption, tokenization, PCI and EMV, EdgeShield means you're accepting payments on one of the industry's most secure platforms.

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