Semi-integrated payment solutions for laundry businesses

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Why Partner with Global Payments Integrated and Dark POS?

Check out customers faster and easier while building loyalty with our semi-integrated payment solutions. Together, Global Payments Integrated and Dark POS provide laundry and dry cleaning businesses with flexible, contactless ways to process payments along with the tools they need to engage customers and flourish.

Seamless Integration

All transactions are fully integrated into your Dark POS software, eliminating double entry, costly errors and reconciliation times.

All Major Payment Types

Accept credit, debit and chip cards, digital wallets and all other major payment types.

Contactless Payments

Take payments on-the-go to facilitate pick-up and delivery methods outside of your storefront.

Automatic Card Updates

Lost, stolen and expired credit cards are automatically updated on a nightly basis to reduce declines.

Countertop Device

Countertop Solution

Our semi-integrated Countertop Solution brings speed and enhanced customer engagement to the checkout experience.

Faster checkout: EMV® chip card transactions happen in seconds, making checkout quick and easy.

Enhanced engagement: Easily engage your customers with offers, rewards, on-screen ads and surveys.

Handheld Solution

This all-in-one mobile POS payment device brings the checkout to your customers.

Convenient checkout: Customers can check out in line, at the counter or on the sidewalk.

Smaller footprint: Reduce checkout space requirements with this small, handheld device.

Handheld Device
Mobile Device

Mobile Solution

This compact and capable mobile device lets you take payments anytime, anywhere to bring you closer to your customers.

Flexible: Process payments wherever your customers are – in line, at home, on the go.

Versatile: Android or iOS-compatible, WiFi and cellular-capable, Bluetooth® or audio jack-ready.