Auto Finance Solutions has partnered with Global Payments Integrated to provide your dealership with a more efficient and a more secure way to process payments

Through the partnership, Global Payments Integrated is in a unique position to provide you with a solution specific to the automotive industry that will improve your cash flow and productivity, providing you with additional security, and reducing the amount of time that you spend with collections.

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Global Payments Integrated has exceptional features available for credit card processing. With Global Payments Integrated, you will spend more time selling cars and less time handling collections!

One-step Payment Processing icon

One-step Payment Processing

Process cards directly within the Solutions DMS and reduce costly errors and reconciliation times.

Accept online payments icon

Accept online payments

Improve your collections by accepting payments online 24/7.

Dedicated Account Specialists icon

Dedicated Account Specialists

Your expert support team helps you every step of the way. We're your partner from day one.

Recurring Payments with Decline Minimizer icon

Recurring Payments with Decline Minimizer

Recurring Payments enables you to automate all of your future payments. Decline Minimizer automatically updates lost, stolen and expired credit cards on a nightly basis with new 16-digit card numbers and new expiration dates. Recurring Payments with Decline Minimizer alleviates the expensive and cumbersome task of tracking down payments and outdated card information. Get approvals on your recurring payments instead of declines.

PCI ASSURE<sup>®</sup> for AFS Dealers icon

PCI ASSURE® for AFS Dealers

The PCI ASSURE program is designed to ensure that you are afforded the maximum available PCI Scope reduction. As an AFS Dealer, you will only have to answer 24 questions on the annual Self Assessment Questionnaire and you’re no longer required to do quarterly network vulnerability scans. With Global Payments Integrated, you can become validated as PCI compliant within minutes as opposed to months. In the unlikely event of a breach, PCI ASSURE includes $100k breach protection to help protect your business. Learn more »

EdgeShield Payments Security icon

EdgeShield® Payments Security

EdgeShield is an advanced, proprietary bundle designed to combat most fraud scenarios and protect your dealership. EdgeShield leverages encryption, tokenization, and PCI ASSURE® enabling you to accept payments on one of the industry’s most secure platforms.