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EZFacility users can take full advantage of the Global Payments Integrated solution and save money on processing fees in the process!

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iPP320 device

Payments Made In-Person

Our credit card terminals are fully integrated with EZFacility so you never have to leave EZFacility to process and manage your payments. Simply swipe/insert a credit card and allow the integration to do the rest. Each payment will automatically post to the Customer's Account within EZFacility. This seamless integration eliminates double entry/manual reconciliation and greatly reduces the potential for human error. Our terminals support swipe, chip/EMV, ApplePay, AndroidPay and NFC transactions. One free device is provided to all EZFacility users who sign with Global Payments Integrated.

Pay by phone icon

Payments Over the Phone

Simply pull up the Customer's Account within EZFacility, type in their credit card information and you're done! Each payment will automatically post to the Customer's Account and update your accounting within EZFacility.

Card on File

Global Payments Integrated will securely store credit card data and ACH information in their Token Vault to reduce to further protect your business and minimize your risk exposure.

ACH/eCheck Processing

Save money and avoid unnecessary trips to the bank with Global Payments Integrated's eCheck solution, fully integrated with EZFacility. Supports one time transactions, future transactions and recurring payments.

American Express Opt-Blue

Lower your rates AND settle American Express on the same merchant statement as VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Recurring Payments

Offer repeat and recurring payments to your customers to help reduce member balances.

Decline Minimizer

This is a dream come true for any membership based organization. Every night, behind the scenes, Global Payments Integrated will automatically update expired, lost/stolen and reissued credit cards with brand new 16-digit card numbers and new expiration dates. This will keep your Customer's transactions running successfully and save your staff time handling collections. Decline Minimizer = Revenue Maximizer.

EdgeShield® Security Solutions

An advanced, proprietary bundle designed to combat most fraud scenarios and protect your business. Combining encryption,tokenization, PCI and EMV®, EdgeShield means you're accepting payments on one of the industry's most secure platforms.